Understanding Sustainable Software Development and Operations


This new book tackles fundamental architectural principles for sustainability.

To meet key sustainability goals and reduce impact on our planet, organizations will need to adapt their approach to software development and operations. Exactly what these changes might look like and mean on a daily basis is the focus of a new book from O’Reilly.

Building Green Software: A Sustainable Approach to Software Development and Operations , by Anne Currie, Sarah Hsu, and Sara Bergman, “tackles the challenges involved and shows you how to build, host, and operate code in a way that's not only better for the planet but also cheaper and relatively low-risk for your business.”

In the book, which is aimed at admins, SREs, developers, managers, and more, the authors explain the “fundamental architectural principles of sustainable, or green, software development and how to apply them.” They cover topics such as:

  • How the energy transition is likely to change hosting on-premises and in the cloud and how your company can prepare
  • How to determine which parts of your system need to change
  • Concepts for extending hardware longevity

Learn more at O’Reilly.



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