Windows 11 is Ready for Broad Deployment


Microsoft says their latest OS will now work on general PC hardware

Microsoft has officially declared Windows 11 “ready for broad deployment.” The actual release of the latest Windows OS occurred last October, but it was available only for a limited number of hardware systems. The “broad deployment” designation indicates that most systems supporting Windows will now run Windows 11.

Many organizations have held up on upgrading because of the limited hardware support with the original release, and Microsoft is hoping the announcement of broader support will lead to broader adoption. See the Microsoft website for Windows 11 system requirements. You can also use Microsoft’s PC Health Check online app to see if your systems are ready for Windows 11.

According to Microsoft, the transition from Windows 10 to 11 will be relatively simple, with support for many of the same applications and security settings. One focus of Windows 11 appears to be easier access to Microsoft’s online services, including Endpoint Manager and Office 365. Windows 11 also offers desktop improvements and a pre-installed Power Automate app that help users “...optimize their workflows and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.”


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