HP Announces Enhanced Cloud Printing and New PCs


New PCs and print services will help the company compete in a world of cloud services and mobile devices.

HP used its annual HP Discovery event in Las Vegas to launch a collection of new initiatives aimed at making the company more competitive in a changing world. For years, the company's core business has been selling desktop computers and selling printers to go on the desktop next to the printer. In recent years, they have carved out space in the market for enterprise-ready server systems, even flirting with the idea of selling their desktop PC operation before a boardroom rebellion against then-CEO Leo Apotheker affirmed support for retooling rather than selling the core business.

The recent announcements include new HP Pro and HP Elite series desktop PCs that integrate some benefits of the mobile space into the classic desktop form, such as an all-in-one design and optional touchscreen.

The company also enhanced its cloud printing capabilities, with additional services provided through the HP ePrint 2.2 Enterprise system and the HP Managed Print Specialist Reseller program to allow smoother cloud-based printer management for mobile devices.

Perhaps the most significant move is one that won't be visible to most users. In an effort to invigorate its sales channels, HP is allowing its resellers a bigger stake in the enterprise printing business, with new programs that let the partners play a bigger role in managing and negotiating printing support contracts.

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