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Article from ADMIN 65/2021
CloudLinux Rescues CentOS 8 From Vanishing Support

CloudLinux Rescues CentOS 8 From Vanishing Support

CentOS 8 users were pretty much cast aside when Red Hat shifted the focus of the operating system into a rolling release structure. This left many users and companies effectively on their own. For instance, cPanel is no longer supporting CentOS, which means admins of that platform have been forced to look elsewhere.

The problem is, there are a lot of CentOS 8 deployments running smoothly in the wild. What are those admins to do when the EOL comes for that server operating system? Clearly, they could migrate over to CloudLinux's own AlmaLinux ( or Rocky Linux ( (which was created by the original CentOS developer). Both of these options have simple-to-use commands to handle the migration from CentOS 8. But if you don't want to risk that migration, you now have another option. Said option comes via TuxCare Extended Lifecycle Support (, which covers out-of-date Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 8 and 6, and Oracle 6.

This Extended Lifecycle support will cover updates, including security patches, and general support for CentOS 8 until the close of 2025.

The cost of the TuxCare support for CentOS 6 is $4.25 per instance per month, so you should expect the cost for supporting CentOS 8 to be about the same.

CentOS Replacement, AlmaLinux, Available on Azure

AlmaLinux hit the ground running. As one of the first 1:1 RHEL binary compatible replacements, after CentOS shifted to a rolling release, the Linux distribution from the developers of CloudLinux has gained serious ground over the

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