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SQL Server 2022 and Azure

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Article from ADMIN 71/2022
SQL Server 2022 focuses on even closer collaboration between on-premises SQL servers and SQL functions in Azure, including availability and data analysis. We highlight the innovations of the database server and the interaction with versatile and powerful Azure services.

Microsoft is heading in the direction of the cloud. SQL Server 2022 is no exception, with the new database server offering enhanced functions for a closer tie-in to Azure, creating new opportunities for companies. However, I'll first look at SQL server licensing because, starting in version 2022 and following the abolition of the Open License program, SQL server will exclusively be available as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) purchase license or in the Open Value volume license program. You need to take this into account when planning licensing. Incidentally, as of this year, Windows Server is no longer available for commercial customers in the Open program for volume licensing, which also plays a role for the database server.

Azure Hybrid Advantage for SQL Server [1] lets you use licenses for locally operated SQL servers in Azure. Microsoft offers price reductions for this purpose, which is an important consideration in high-availability scenarios with SQL Server 2022 and Azure SQL Managed Instance. Therefore, it makes sense to look into server licensing in good time. A limited version of SQL Server 2022 will also be released for Linux. Microsoft continues to recommend the use of Linux containers for container installation. SQL Server 2022 cannot be operated in Windows containers.

SQL Server Used Locally

The connection between local SQL servers and Azure SQL instances will still be optional in the future, which means SQL servers can be operated locally without relying on functions from Azure. However, the cloud offers many advantages in terms of availability, replication, and data analysis. As the volume of data in the enterprise continues to increase, role owners need to deal with large quantities of structured and unstructured data. Additionally, you have the choice of centralized and decentralized storage approaches, numerous

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