Photo by Félix Prado on Unsplash

Photo by Félix Prado on Unsplash

Build a secure development and production pipeline

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Article from ADMIN 77/2023
We investigate best practices to secure CI/CD pipelines with DevSecOps.

We dwell in an era of glitzy tools and technologies where technological advancements and innovations abound – one in which technology is transforming the underpinnings of human existence. However, along with the benefits of these tools and technologies, you'll experience certain downsides, as well.

With the surge in frequency and complexity of cyberattacks, securing your software development pipelines is more critical now than ever. To ensure the security and integrity of your applications, you should be adept at thwarting security threats and vulnerabilities often and from the outset.

DevSecOps integrates security practices into the DevOps workflow to create a seamless and secure pipeline from start to finish. In this article, you'll learn how to secure combined practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines by integrating DevSecOps into the development pipeline and adhering to the recommended best practices.

Security as a Culture

Who is responsible for security on a day-to-day basis? Every employee in your organization. Organizations need to enforce this as a policy, but unfortunately, most don't. For DevSecOps to be successful, your organization should foster security as a culture.

A security culture implies that every employee in your organization – from board members to new joiners – embraces security and understands the implications of non-adherence to security policies and guidelines.

Organizations should "shift security left" to build accountability among the employees and test code according to secure coding guidelines and practices. Changes in culture and processes are imperative to implement DevSecOps in your organization and safeguard your CI/CD pipelines. You should embrace this change and take a strategic approach to implementation. Applying these concepts entails time and effort from the outset.

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