Innovations in PowerShell 5



You can already install PowerShell  5 for Windows  8.1, Server  2012  R2, and making the move is definitely worthwhile, even if you only need OneGet and PowerShellGet. The feeling of getting everything from a single source, instead of losing control over sources and versions, is something special.

Many of the improvements introduced here, such as ConvertFrom-String would have been amazing features back in version 3. Many fine-tuning capabilities will probably not be revealed until tangible use cases arise (e.g., the ability to install and load multiple versions of a module or the extended debug options  – also for PowerShell processes running in parallel).

At the same time, an important feature for software development, a Unit Testing System, has been implemented in the form of the "Pester" project. All told, the new PowerShell version 5 looks more universal and offers both developers and administrators versatile scope for action.


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