Setting up FreeNAS

Flexible Storage

Connecting to Your Share

Now that you have created your share, you can connect to it. On Windows, you simply do the following:


You will then see the media share that you created with the FreeNAS setup wizard.

If you like, you can also map this as a network drive. Simply go to Computer and select Map Network Drive . Pick a drive letter, fill in the path to \\<ip-of-freenas>, and you are good to go.


There you have it. A simple, quick FreeNAS setup is ready for whatever task you want to throw at it. In the next installment, I will cover integrating with Windows Active Directory, snapshots, replication, and backup.

I hope this exploration of FreeNAS will have you building your own solutions at work and at play with this amazing software. Bravo to the FreeNAS community and iXsystems for this amazing contribution to the world of computing. Happy hacking!

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