HPC News

Deadlines Extended for SuperComputing Asia

06.12.2018 15:08

Only 5 days left for abstract submissions.

Quantum Computing Milestone Achieved

06.12.2018 14:31

Researchers at ORNL perform independent operations on two qubits encoded on photons of different frequencies.

AMD Unveils World's First 7nm Data Center GPUs

08.11.2018 16:58

New ultrafast accelerators will support deep learning and other HPC scenarios

Human Brain Supercomputer Wakes Up

08.11.2018 16:29

The world's largest neuromorphic computer has a million-processor core.

Purdue Researchers Find a Faster Way to Send Information by Photon

17.10.2018 22:18

New technique could lead to a quantum Internet

CERN Announces an Effort to Update its Particle Physics Strategy

17.10.2018 21:49

New roadmap will encompass the work of the Large Hadron Collider and other initiatives.

Rigetti Announces Quantum Computing Prize

11.09.2018 12:23

One million dollars goes to the team that can demonstrate quantum advantage on the company’s new cloud platform.

Scientists Use Supercomputer to Map Antarctica

10.09.2018 22:51

New model provides 8-meter resolution for a whole continent

XTREME-D Unveils Prototype for New Cloud-Access Appliance

08.08.2018 21:24

Stargate set-top Linux box will improve management for clusters running in the company’s XTREME-DNA HPC cloud service.

NSF Awards $15 Million Grant to Make Quantum Computing “Practical”

08.08.2018 20:06

New STAQ project will address some fundamental problems that are holding back the development of real-world quantum computers.