Canonical Launches Curated Container Images

27.11.2020 18:27

To deal with container image security, Canonical is launching a Docker image portfolio.

Amazon Web Services Container Image Library in the Works

16.11.2020 17:57

Amazon Web Services is beginning to roll out it's very own container image library for AWS deployments.

SaltStack Acquisition Brings More Automation to VMware

12.11.2020 21:00

Recently VMware acquired SaltStack and we interviewed them to find out why.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 Available

02.11.2020 17:38

Red Hat has released RHEL 8.3, which includes a number of serious improvements for delivering at scale.

It's Official, Linux 5.10 is the Next LTS Kernel

29.10.2020 17:18

The Linux 5.10 kernel will be the next long term support kernel

System 76 Unleashes World's Smallest Quad-GPU Workstation

20.10.2020 18:56

System 76 is now selling the Thelio Mega, quad-GPU workstation for deep learning and scientific computing.

Canonical Releases Autonomous Clustering with MicroK8s

15.10.2020 21:03

Canonical has announced a new release of MicroK8s that includes autonomous High Availability clustering.

New Storage Model Could Replace POSIX

05.10.2020 15:38

Object storage model could be the scalable file system interface Linux in the enterprise needs.

Fedora Considering a Big Change to SELinux

01.10.2020 16:46

Fedora developers planning to drop SELinux runtime disabling in an upcoming release.

Kaspersky Warns Linux Attacks on the Rise

21.09.2020 15:03

According to Kaspersky, attackers are turning their attention more and more toward the open source operating system.