Best Practices to Prepare for Post-Quantum Security Challenges


Some encryption thought to be unbreakable until now could be vulnerable.

“The rise of quantum computing introduces a unique set of challenges related to the management of digital certificates,” says Murali Palanisamy (of AppViewX) on the RSA Conference Library blog.

“Unfortunately, today’s encryption is widely understood to be vulnerable to quantum attacks; researchers have already shown a quantum computer could break some of the tougher encryption used today (considered unbreakable until now) in 104 days.” Palanisamy, he notes, as quantum computing evolves, that time could shrink to hours, minutes, or only seconds.

In the article Palanisamy outlines best practices to help security professionals prepare for a quantum future, including:

  • Get full visibility, automation, and control of certificates.
  • Establish flexibility for the transition to post-quantum algorithms
  • Implement strong certificate and key management practices
  • Monitor compliance

Read more at the RSA Conference Library.



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