Cyber Resilience Act Poses Risk to Open Source Projects


Learn how the proposed law could impact projects such as Python.

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) has issued a statement warning of potential impact of the proposed Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) on open source communities, reports FOSSlife. The PSF has “found issues that put the mission of our organization and the health of the open-source software community at risk,” says Deb Nicholson, Executive Director of the PSF.

Nicholson writes: Under the current language, the PSF could potentially be financially liable for any product that includes Python code, while never having received any monetary gain from any of these products. The risk of huge potential costs would make it impossible in practice for us to continue to provide Python and PyPI to the European public.

The Eclipse Foundation and NLnet Labs have also issued statements warning of the effects that the CRA could have on global open source projects.

Read more at FOSSlife.




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