Docker 2.0 Announced


New release adds full Kubernetes support.

Docker Inc. has announced the release of Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0, comes with Kubernetes as a fully supported orchestratation tool.

Docker said that the Docker Desktop integration of a complete Kubernetes stack ensures that developers can seamlessly leverage features like multi-stage builds, application composition (Docker Compose), and in-container development and have these features run consistently from development all the way to production.
"Developers have the flexibility to write their application with Docker and then can choose their orchestrator without requiring any additional modification. Similarly, developers can maintain their Docker native workflows while experimenting with Kubernetes native tools and commands," said the company in a press release.

Docker made it easier for users to consume containers, which also lead to the microservices /containerization movement. Getting started with technologies like Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and OpenStack can be challenging, and Docker 2.0 is designed to reduce that learning curve.

"Docker EE provides a unified operational model that simplifies the use of Kubernetes for those who want the capabilities for their application delivery environment, but do not want to hire a team of Kubernetes experts," Docker said in the press release.
In an phone interview, David Messina, CMO of Docker Inc., told us that the company is focusing­ on three areas with this release: agility, security, and choices. Elaborating on the choice part, Messina said that Docker EE is the only container platform that can run on multiple Linux distributions, Windows, mainframes, and hybrid cloud environment.

"Docker EE 2.0 is the only solution that delivers a policy-based secure supply chain that is designed to give you governance and oversight over the entire container lifecycle without slowing you down," said Vivek Saraswat, Group Product Manager at Docker Inc.


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