Google Announces Kubernetes 1.0


Google-funded container orchestration tool rolls over to a big number with the promise of more stable APIs

Google has announced the Kubernetes container orchestration system has reached the v1.0 milestone. Kubernetes runs within a “Google-style infrastructure stack” to manage and orchestrate a container-based data center environment. The 1.0 version number is a major step that means the developers believe they have met their initial objectives, although they acknowledge that much work remains to complete their vision of a universal container-based toolset.

According to Google, the most significant feature of the new release is “API stability, meaning developers can build on top of the core Kubernetes tools without worrying about upcoming releases pulling the rug out from under their work.”

The announcement reports that the project has had over 14,000 commits and includes contributions from 400 developers, including coders from Red Hat, CoreOS, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, VMware, and other companies.


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