Make a Regional Disaster Recovery Plan


Prepare for disaster with an automated recovery plan.

Preparing for potential disasters is key for large and small organizations alike. “Enterprises need a disaster recovery (DR) strategy to help minimize the impact of disruption and get the business back up and running,” says Marcel Hergaarden. And, “that strategy should include a backup site to which operations can temporarily switch over.”

In this article, Hergaarden describes key elements of a regional disaster recovery plan, including the following metrics:

  • Recovery point objective (RPO), which is the maximum period of data you can afford to lose.
  • Recovery time objective (RTO), which is the maximum period of time until you need to be back up and running.

He also looks at how a Kubernetes-based solution can help automate recovery processes. “The system administrator manually triggers the process, but once it’s in motion, applications and their configurations and namespaces are automatically replicated back to your production environment,” Hergaarden says.

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