Sophos Acquires Capsul8 in a Bid to Beef Up Linux Production Servers


Sophos is looking to add powerful server and container security to its Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem.

In a bid to boost the security of their Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem (ACE), Sophos has acquired Capsul8, which is a pioneer in runtime visibility, detection, and response for both Linux production servers and on-premise container workloads. Capsul8 has been focused on Linux security and has grown more than 77% since March 2021. Fernando Montenegro, principal research analyst with 451 Research said of Capsul8, "The main idea behind Capsule8 is that providing enterprise-grade security for Linux systems requires deploying components that are designed specifically for that environment." Montenegro continues, "These components are more adept at making the trade-offs between security and performance when needed, to achieve the desired levels of resilience and protection."

Capsul8 will be integrated into Sophos' Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem as well as within its Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions, Intercept X server protection products, as well as their Managed Threat Response, and Rapid Response services. 

John Viega, CEO of Capsul8 defines their services as, “Capsule8 is the premiere purpose-built detection and response platform for Linux. We provide security teams with the crucial visibility they need to protect Linux production infrastructure against unwanted behavior, while at the same time addressing cost, performance, and reliability concerns."

Find out more about what Capsul8 and Sophos offer.


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