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Of Course an API

The API reflects the cloud heritage of NetBox in its RESTful API, which can be used to query values from the NetBox database via a standardized interface. In this way, applications that can query the RESTful API can integrate content from NetBox.

At the time this issue went to press, however, the API only supported read access. According to the developers, that will change soon with the introduction of API support for write access. If you want to try out read access right now, you will find a client written in Go that can communicate with NetBox [12]. As NetBox becomes more widespread, clients in other scripting languages are likely to follow soon, with the Python language leading the way.

The Author

Martin Gerhard Loschwitz works as a cloud architect at SysEleven. He works with OpenStack, distributed storage, and Puppet. He also maintains Pacemaker for Debian in his spare time.

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