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Article from ADMIN 37/2017
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openSUSE Comes to Windows 10

Ubuntu is the officially supported version of Linux to run inside Windows, using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) technology; however, engineers have discovered that you can replace the Ubuntu-based environment used in WSL with other versions of Windows.

SUSE/openSUSE engineers have managed to bring openSUSE to Windows 10. In a January 12 entry in the SUSE blog, Hannes Kühnemund, Sr. Product Manager at SUSE, detailed the process of replacing the Ubuntu Bash shell with openSUSE Leap in Windows 10.

A user needs to be part of the Insider Program with WSL enabled. The procedure detailed by Kühnemund requires the Ubuntu Bash shell to be already installed on the system; it simply replaces Ubuntu with the openSUSE userspace. You can also install SUSE Linux Enterprise, said Kühnemund.

This could be a useful workaround for those developers and sys admins who run Linux on Azure machines, because they can run both Windows and Linux utilities on their systems without the overhead of a virtual machine or dual booting.

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Released

The Raspberry Pi foundation has launched two versions of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3).

The standard version is based on Raspberry Pi 3 hardware. It runs on a CM2837 processor (up to 1.2GHz) and comes with 1GB of RAM, plus 4GB of on-board eMMC flash storage.

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