Red Hat Decision Manager 7 Released


Open source tool helps automate business decisions.

Red Hat has announced the release of Red Hat Decision Manager 7, an open source product that makes it easier for businesses to automate business decisions.

If you want to book a flight, several variables might affect the cost. An airline or a travel agent platform needs rules that reflect those variables. Traditionally, those rules were created by business operators and implemented by software developers. Red Hat Decision Manager 7 eases that process by automating it.

According to industry analyst firm IDC, non-traditional developers are expected to build 20 percent of business applications and 30 percent of new application features by 2021.

Business processes play an important role in helping organizations improve efficiency and reduce workloads, and at the heart of every business process are business rules.

Red Hat Decision Manager 7 is a low-code development tool that enables businesses to take a more active role in application development by creating an environment for collaboration between business and IT professionals. Red Hat Decision Manager 7 is built for both traditional and cloud-native applications.

Red Hat Decision Manager 7 Released

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