Easy configuration management with Puppet

Holding the Strings

Learning Puppet

Coming from a database/web app world, learning Puppet was fairly annoying because each test cycle required configuring a machine, so it is important to set up a good test environment. Personally, I like using Vagrant because I can launch a VM and test the Puppet module by passing it to the machine.

If you don't want to or can't test locally, you can use any cloud hosting provider to which you're able to pass boot-up-time commands, such as the user data on EC2. After a couple of hours getting your scripts together, you can bootstrap instances with a single script,

apt-get install -y puppet
wget http://<your-domain-with-your-stuff>.com/<your-puppet-module>
puppet apply path/to/your/init.pp

which is much nicer than being careful on servers.

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