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In the Jewel release, the Ceph developers have tackled many of the important problems that previously made Ceph unusable in some scenarios. CephFS in particular as a stable release [7] should open up a new market segment and make Ceph interesting as a substitute for cumbersome NFS installations. If SUSE and it-novum fulfill their promises, managing Ceph via a GUI will be significantly easier sometime soon. Replication across data centers makes Ceph usable for disaster recovery.

All of these features will make life difficult for GlusterFS: Although Red Hat is thus far committed to its product, it is unlikely to continue investing money in the development of two projects in the medium term, given that Ceph can replace GlusterFS and offer more functionality. Ceph is basically staking its universal claim in the software-defined storage market with the changes for Jewel and is on its way to becoming the universal storage solution.


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The Author

Martin Gerhard Loschwitz works as a cloud architect at SysEleven. He works with OpenStack, distributed storage, and Puppet. He also maintains Pacemaker for Debian in his spare time.

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