Dig Deep into Kubernetes with StatusBay

Night Vision

Hook Me Up

As well as offering useful data on the dashboard, StatusBay also tempts you with what you'll receive if you integrate it with other external services and products. Figure 6 is an example offered by StatusBay of integrating metrics with a service.

Figure 6: In this example output, your are encouraged to integrate StatusBay with an external service to help visualize metrics.

You can integrate StatusBay with a number of external products (Table 1). The metrics, alerting, and reporting integration docs can be found online [15]. As you can see, almost all the usual suspects are present, making StatusBay an even more attractive addition to any Kubernetes cluster.

Table 1

StatusBay External Services

External Service Category
DataDog Metrics
Prometheus Metrics
StatusCake Alerting
Pingdom Alerting
Slack Reporting

Spit It Out

It's also possible to push logs upstream to another logging service such as ELK Stack (now known as Elastic Stack). The API settings configuration is:

      level: INFO

Or, you can change your Helm chart at api.application.log.gelf_address to reflect the correct IP address. You can find much more information on a per-service basis online [16].

Blessed Are the OCD

A number of external services settings offered by the excellent StatusBay can be tweaked [17] and then fine-tuned to your heart's content. Indeed, for those who enjoy a little more perfection than others, the main docs directory [18] offers more insight into the customization potential of StatusBay.

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