C++ Developers Want to Integrate Cairo


ISO C++ committee hopes to adopt a modified version of the popular 2D graphics library.

C + + guru Herb Sutter wants to raise the graphics library for the ISO standard.
Herb Sutter, Chairman of the ISO C++ standardization committee, posted a message to the Cairo list stating that C++ developers plan to integrate the Cairo graphics library as a standard in ISO C++. Cairo is a vector-based 2D graphics library used in numerous open-source projects, including GTK+, Firefox's Gecko layout engine, and the statistics programming environment R.
Although Cairo is actually written in C, the standardization team is investigating the possibility of converting the library to C++ through "mechanical changes," with scripts and other automation tools to transform the C-specific features into C++ equivalents. According to Sutter, "we believe Cairo itself is very well written C (already in an OO style, already const-correct, etc.)..."  
A C++ interface for Cairo called cairomm already exists, but the C++ developers are concerned that cairomm might not be in active development.


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