Cisco Sends Alert on Flawed DIMMS


Manufacturing error in some DIMM modules could cause reduction in available memory.

Cisco has issued a warning that some of its DIMMs manufactured in the middle to end of 2020 have a manufacturing error. According to the field notice issued by Cisco, “Most DIMMs with this manufacturing deviation will exhibit persistent correctable memory errors. If left untreated, the DIMMs might eventually encounter an uncorrectable memory event. If encountered during runtime, uncorrectable errors will cause a sudden unexpected server reset. If encountered during Power-On Self-Test (POST), the DIMM will be mapped out and the total available memory reduced. In some cases a boot error might be seen.”

Cisco strongly recommends replacement of the affected DIMMs. The company provides a Serial Number Validation Tool to check whether your hardware is affected by the error. You will find additional information on the bug and advice on workarounds at the Cisco website.


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