How to Choose the Right AWS Storage Class for Your Needs


The appropriate class can help improve performance and save money.

AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS) provides various categories of storage, including hard disk drives, general purpose SSD, provisioned IOPS, and magnetic, says Omer Hamerman. 

In this article, Hamerman explains each type and its uses to simplify the task of choosing a storage class for your workload. For example:

  • GP storage is the staple storage for pretty much all AWS users and is commonly used for tasks that don’t require heavy lifting. 
  • GP2 is the typical solution for boot volumes of EC2 instances, development environments, and lighter/less important databases.
  • The IO storage class caters to the needs of businesses based on extreme durability, high read/write speeds, and the lowest latency available.

Choose wisely, as the right storage class can both improve performance and help save on costs, Hamerman says.



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