Kubernetes 1.22 Has Been Released with 56 Enhancements


New features, new improvements, and the jettisoning of a few beta features marks a significant step forward for the enterprise container orchestrator.

Kubernetes 1.22 has been released and there's plenty to talk about. With several new features, Kubernetes admins will certainly find something that impacts their day-to-day dealings with the container technology. 

Some of the bigger changes include the addition of the Admission Controler, which takes the place of the now-deprecated Pod Security Policies. Another very exciting feature is Rootless Mode Containers, which makes it possible to run the entire Kubernetes stack without having to use admin privileges to do so.

Security is at the forefront of this new release, as is shown with the addition of an extra layer, named Seccomp. This new profile helps to prevent CVE and zero-day vulnerabilities and is enabled with the SeccompDefault option.

Another new addition is the ability to leave swap on. Prior to 1.22, you had to disable swap in order to run a Kubernetes cluster. This addition should make deploying Kubernetes even easier for admins.

There have also been a few removals from Kubernetes. Many of these are beta APIs (some of which have now been moved to Stable) and include Ingress, CustomResourceDefinition, ValidatingWebhookConfiguration, MutatingWebhookConfiguration, and CertificateSigningRequest.

Read more about what's in Kubernetes 1.22 in the official release notes.


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