MS Exchange to Open-Xchange Migration Service


Audriga's new tool is designed to encourage competition among groupware providers.

Audriga has announced an extension to their groupware migration service that will allow users to migrate Microsoft Exchange data and accounts to the open source Open-Xchange platform. The company already offers migration from one Open-Xchange platform to another. The extended service will also support migration from the Google Apps and Zimbra groupware platforms.
Audriga's migration service is intended for Internet providers who subcontract cloud services for email and groupware and wish to change groupware providers with minimal interruption to service. The philosophy is that an easier and more fluid migration path will reduce inertia and encourage competition by making it easier for customers to make a switch.  According to Open-Xchange CEO Rafael Laguna, "To become the future of IT, cloud services must be available in a free marketplace, which ensures customers can move at any time to the provider of their choice with the best services. With the new Audriga service, we get a lot closer to this marketplace."


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