New Version of the Spectre Vulnerability Allows Attack from the Network


Net Spectre attack adds a new dimension to the Spectre fiasco .

Monthly reports of new Spectre-related vulnerabilities are keeping security experts busy. Now a team of security researchers at the Graz University of Technology (Austria) has discovered another flaw, dubbed NetSpectre, that allows attacks over the network.

The crux of Spectre vulnerabilities is the way modern CPUs speculate on which workload will run next to improve performance. According to the team, “During speculative execution, the processor may perform operations the program usually would not perform. While the results of such operations are discarded if the speculative execution is aborted, microarchitectural side effects may remain.”

Attackers exploit these side effects to read memory contents. Previous versions of the Spectre attack have required some kind of local code executive to launch the attack, but the latest discovery changes that.

“NetSpectre marks a paradigm shift from local attacks to remote attacks, exposing a much wider range and larger number of devices to Spectre attacks. Spectre attacks now must also be considered on devices which do not run any potential attacker-controlled code at all,” wrote the researchers.

The team informed Intel back in March, and Intel has patched the problem during previous patches released by the company. The best available defense is to keep your systems up to date and install all security patches.


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