Nextcloud Partners with IONOS


Nextcloud has partnered with Germany’s largest cloud provider, IONOS, to provide a safe haven for your data within the cloud.

In times of crisis, open source projects step up big. That’s exactly what Nextcloud has done. In the current climate, companies have had to quickly migrate to cloud solutions, only to find themselves bumping up against serious privacy and security issues. Because of the 2018 CLOUD act, The CLOUD Act, authorities could obtain data without prior judicial review for this request.

With so many companies and employees having to migrate from their in-house cloud platforms and turn to various third-party cloud services, Nextcloud and IONOS have come together to ensure sovereignty over customer data. Because both companies are housed in Germany, anyone using the Nextcloud platform on IONOS is guaranteed maximum protection against the US CLOUD Act.

Achim Weiß, CEO of IONOS, had this to say about the partnership:

“Our cooperation, therefore, gives Nextcloud customers the legal security they need. The consistent use of open standards ensures transparency. Anyone can view the code at any time, check it for security gaps and change it if necessary. Moreover, only on an open-source basis is it easy to link data and applications with other systems.”

This solution isn’t just about circumventing the US CLOUD Act. In fact, Nextcloud has pulled this off to help lower the barriers to entry and offer a reliable, compliant and safe place to work online. With a fully managed Nextcloud Hub, users can enjoy document editing, file sharing, groupware, audio/video chat, and much more.

Even better, this particular Nextcloud solution is hosted on IONOS, so users don’t have to concern themselves with installing the cloud platform software. To find out how to sign up for an account, check out the official Nextcloud IONOS sign up page, where you can get an account for as little as $0.0069/hour with a max of $5.00 USD per month (for an XS account).


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