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In lone wolf mode, Riesch has achieved remarkable results with RSQL. According to him, the execution speed of his MS SQL clone is slightly slower than the original, but the general performance is completely adequate for most applications. Our tests confirm this statement, so we can recommend RSQL as a free alternative to MS SQL Server. The DBS matured in secret for a long time and still has a couple of burrs that Riesch needs to file, but the software is already proving to be suitable for everyday use.


The authors thank Nicolas Riesch and Werner Staub for all the detailed information and for their patience.

The Author

Frank Hofmann works on the road – preferably in Berlin, Geneva, and Cape Town – as a developer, trainer, and author. He is coauthor of a German-language book on Debian package management,

Mandy Neumeyer works in tourism, has lived in South Africa for nine years, enjoys traveling around the world, and is currently earning additional income as a digital nomad.

Born in Canada, Gerold Rupprecht has lived in Geneva for 25 years and specializes in financial software and the evaluation and optimization of IT processes. He has supported the GNUstep project since 2000.

This paper was written in cooperation in Berlin, Geneva, and Cape Town.

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