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Feeding Seagulls Is Wrong


Article from ADMIN 40/2017
"Please do not feed the seagulls" is good advice, and I'm not really talking about seagulls.

"Please do not feed the seagulls" is good advice, and I'm not really talking about seagulls.

I've heard and read all sorts of reasons for not feeding seagulls. From spreading diseases to overpopulation to developing a dependence on humans for food – I've heard it all. To me, the most logical reason not to feed seagulls is that they don't stop at a simple snack; they come back for seconds, thirds, or even more. Once you reward a seagull for basically just being a seagull, you've started a chain reaction that now places the seagull into the awkward position of annoyingly begging you again for what you gave so freely at first. OK, so I'm not really talking about seagulls, here, nor am I talking about feeding them bits of bread or Cheetos. I'm referring to paying ransom to ransomware writers and perpetrators. Allow me to explain.

Ransomware is vile and disgusting. It is the lowest form of malware. Encrypting a victim's files and then demanding money to unencrypt them is just incomprehensible to me. To deny someone access to pictures of their children, even if there are pictures of those children feeding seagulls, is despicable. Furthermore, the blackmailers are too cowardly to accept payment in cash or in person. Instead, they demand their ransom to be paid in Bitcoin – the "currency" of illegal global trade.

I know several people who've paid ransom. I know others who've refused and just dealt with their losses. Still others have been patient and found solutions online that decrypt their files without paying one red cent or even one imaginary e-blip to a cyber blackmailer.

My advice is to not pay the ransom. By paying, you're rewarding these blackmailers for doing something evil, disgusting, and illegal, and it makes them come back for more. Plus, who's to say that once you go to the trouble of acquiring Bitcoin and paying the ransom you'll get the code to decrypt your file? A hosting company is South Korea recently

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