Open source multipoint VPN with VyOS

Connected Mesh


Naturally, the Linux community didn't like this strategy, and several projects emerged from the last open source version of Vyatta, most notably VyOS [3]. The fork was successful, because VyOS includes all the DMVPN components: dynamic routing with high availability on top.


Another player in the Vyatta market is Ubiquiti, which used the sources to build its operating system, EdgeOS, that runs perfectly on its own hardware boards and resulted in the excellent Edge Router. Unfortunately, Ubiquiti forked Vyatta before it had the DMVPN code, although perhaps Ubiquiti will implement it in a future version.


The well-known OpenVPN is also capable of multipoint tunnels. Its client-to-client and topology subnet options establish communication between two endpoints, but below the surface, the packets flow through the hub. This detour of packets increases latency and needs more bandwidth at the hub site for transit traffic.

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