An Overview of OpenStack


Learn about the history and use of this popular open source cloud software.

OpenStack has come a long way from its first release “as it has matured from a private cloud to a multi-purpose cloud for any and all purposes,” writes Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols in a recent article providing an overview of the history and use of OpenStack

The first OpenStack release, called Austin, appeared in October 2010 and was developed under the auspices of NASA Ames Research Center and Rackspace. “This would be the first time government-funded software had been released under an open source license,” Vaughan-Nichols says. 

Now, OpenStack has announced Zed, its 26th release. “The highlights of this release are a new interface, Skyline; better security, always an OpenStack strong point; Venus, a log aggregation service; and more hardware support,” he says. 

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