Civil Infrastructure Platform Adds New Super-Long-Term Linux Kernel


The 6.1-cip kernel will be maintained for a minimum of 10 years.

The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) has added the 6.1-based Linux kernel series to its super-long-term stable (SLTS) kernel program, which means the project is committed to maintaining the 6.1-cip kernel for a minimum of 10 years after its initial release.

Separate from the Linux kernel project, which recently announced that long-term support (LTS) for Linux kernels would be reduced from six to two years, the CIP clearly has a different mission. The SLTS program is part of CIP’s efforts to establish “an open source base layer of industrial grade Linux to enable the use and implementation of software building blocks for civil infrastructure.”

Additionally, the announcement notes, “CIP kernels are maintained like regular long-term-stable (LTS) kernels, and developers of the CIP kernel are also involved in LTS kernel review and testing.” Other kernels in the program include 4.4-cip, 4.19-cip, and 5.10-cip.



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