ObjectRocket Offers MongoDB Cloud Service


MongoDB offers a new cloud environment and service with additional premium software features.

ObjectRocket has announced a new MongoDB cloud service. According to the company, the MongoDB database-as-a-service (DBaaS) has been built from the ground up to provide a fast and scalable MongoDB environment.

ObjectRocket’s architecture uses a modular approach for easy scalability and availability for MongoDB. When an instance is created, all required components are automatically provisioned. Each instance comprises at least one shard (or node), a master, and at least one secondary; additional shards can be added with a single click.

ObjectRocket’s service also includes premium software features, such as: RocketScale, which provides fast and easy scaling; QueryGuard, for automatic detection of long-running queries; and RocketSecure, for added security of encrypted connections and IP-based access control. According to the company, ObjectRocket provides “blazingly” fast performance for MongoDB. All instances include numerous performance enhancements, run at bare-metal speed, and are built on solid state disk.

ObjectRocket offers the MongoDB DBaaS solution starting at US$ 29/month/instance along with 24x7 customer support. Instances are available now. For more information on pricing and features, please visit: http://objectrocket.com/pricing.


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