Triton malware can bring down critical industrial infrastructure


Security research firm says the malware attack can lead to physical damage.

Security firm FireEye has discovered yet another dangerous malware program that can wreak havoc with industrial control systems in nuclear plants, oil refineries, and other installations, leading to actual physical damage.

Dubbed Triton, or Trisis, it’s a family of malware that’s designed to attack industrial complexes. Recently, an undisclosed organization was under the attack of Triton.

“The attacker targeted the SIS suggesting an interest in causing a high-impact attack with physical consequences. This is an attack objective not typically seen from cyber-crime groups,” said FireEye.

The attackers managed to gain remote access to an SIS (Safety Instrumented System) engineering workstation and deployed the Triton attack framework to reprogram the SIS controllers. The attack led to the shutdown of the industrial process. 


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