Red Hat is Extending their No-cost RHEL Support

25.02.2021 19:08

Red Hat announced today that they're extending their no-cost program to open source projects and communities.

Yet Another Botnet is Targeting Linux

22.02.2021 17:26

For two years a botnet has been targeting Linux, and you won't be surprised, in the slightest, what it's doing.

Linux Kernel 5.11 has been Released

18.02.2021 22:42

The latest iteration of the Linux kernel is now available and includes even more hardware support, a gaming improvement, and an important wireless update.

Ubuntu Core 20 has been Officially Released

08.02.2021 16:49

Ubuntu Core 20, a distribution geared toward IoT and embedded devices, is now available for developers, along with a new program to help design and launch devices.

CloudLinux Offering Lifecycle Support Service for Expired Linux Distributions

04.02.2021 17:34

The company behind the CentOS fork, AlmaLinux, is now offering Extended Lifecycle Support for your Linux distributions that have reached EOL.

FreakOut Botnet Targeting Linux Systems

25.01.2021 16:21

Another new botnet is targeting unpatched Linux systems with DDoS, ARP poisoning, and other nefarious attacks.

AlmaLinux will be Available Q1 of 2021

21.01.2021 16:46

CloudLinux announced their CentOS replacement, named AlmaLinux, would be available very soon.

Fileless Malware Targets Linux Systems

11.01.2021 17:22

Yet another malware targeting Linux systems has been found in the wild, this time it's fileless

Golang Worm Targeting Linux Servers

07.01.2021 18:03

A new Golang Worm is targeting both Linux and Windows servers with monero crypto mining malware.

Native Edge Computing Comes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

14.12.2020 16:25

Adding edge deployments is easier than ever with Red Hat's latest offering