Filesystem Encryption

The revelation of wide-spread government snooping has sparked a renewed interest in data storage security via encryption. In this article, we review some options for encrypting files, directories, and filesystems on Linux.

FreeRADIUS for WiFi Hotspots

Tired of contending with shared passwords for wireless networks? Use WPA Enterprise and a FreeRADIUS server to set up a user password solution for wireless users.

Generate VM Images with virt-builder

The virt-builder tool lets you create new virtual machines in just a few seconds. We take a first look at the brand new tool.

Achieving More Harmonious Cloud Orchestration

Cloud computing is forcing admins to rethink automation because classic tools like Puppet do not provide a sufficient range of configuration options. Cloudify offers a new direction for orchestration in the cloud.

Supercharge Your Website with Amazon CloudFront

Users who lose interest in websites that don’t respond in the expected time take their clicks elsewhere. We look at ways to improve your WordPress website performance.

Managing Office 365 in PowerShell

Microsoft offers its Office programs as a service in the cloud. To integrate the Office 365 service into your own infrastructure, PowerShell is a natural choice.

Red Hat Storage Server 2.1

If you believe Red Hat’s marketing hype, the company has no less than revolutionized data storage with version 2.1 of its Storage Server. The facts tell a rather different story.

Monitoring Performance with sar

Several utilities offer a snapshot of system performance – from Top or Uptime to Iostat, Netstat, and Mpstat – but what if you only learn of a bottleneck after it has happened? Sar to the rescue.

Logging with systemd

In most cases, log messages are managed by a Syslog server. The Fedora project wants to take a new approach in future releases. This change is to come from systemd’s journal.

Live Migration

A big advantage in virtualization is the ability to move systems from one host to another without exposing the user to a long period of downtime. To that end, the hypervisor and storage component need to cooperate.