Lead Image © ping han,

Lead Image © ping han,

Container Virtualization Comeback with Docker

Docker helps the Linux container achieve an appealing comeback and integrates some features missing from earlier container solutions.

SmartOS: Cool Cloud Platform Rises from the Ashes of Solaris

SmartOS brings together the best of Linux and Solaris to implement a virtualization platform with ZFS and KVM.

Lead Image © lightwise,

Lead Image © lightwise,

Acquiring a Memory Image

Be ready before disaster strikes. In this article we describe some tools you should have on hand to obtain a memory image of an infected system.

OpenStack: Shooting star in the cloud

OpenStack is attracting lots of publicity. Is the solution actually qualified as a cloud prime mover? We take a close look at the OpenStack cloud environment and how it works.

Lead Image © Dmitriy Cherevko,

Lead Image © Dmitriy Cherevko,

New versions of the Endian and Sophos UTM solutions

UTM systems combat all kinds of dangers under the policy of Unified Threat Management. The demands and expectations of customers fuel competition. Two of the most popular manufacturers – Endian and Sophos – have now released new versions of their solutions.
Lead Image © Sorin Colac,

Lead Image © Sorin Colac,

Documentation Tools for Admins

Scattered documents lying on the file server are an inconvenient resource when admins need to solve problems at the help desk. Free knowledgebase components combine knowledge and structure, providing a better overview.

Filesystem Encryption

The revelation of wide-spread government snooping has sparked a renewed interest in data storage security via encryption. In this article, we review some options for encrypting files, directories, and filesystems on Linux.

FreeRADIUS for WiFi Hotspots

Tired of contending with shared passwords for wireless networks? Use WPA Enterprise and a FreeRADIUS server to set up a user password solution for wireless users.

Generate VM Images with virt-builder

The virt-builder tool lets you create new virtual machines in just a few seconds. We take a first look at the brand new tool.

Achieving More Harmonious Cloud Orchestration

Cloud computing is forcing admins to rethink automation because classic tools like Puppet do not provide a sufficient range of configuration options. Cloudify offers a new direction for orchestration in the cloud.

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