Open Hardware 1.0

The Open Source Hardware Definition brings the ideals of open source to hardware design. The movement marked a milestone with its first major release.

Eat. Pray. Script.

Lazy … er, smart … administrators are hard at work in the background via scripts, cascading scripts, and cron jobs.

Understanding Privilege Escalation

This sample attack will show you some of the techniques intruders use to scale up their powers.

Intruder Tools

Professional attackers have much more pointed at your site than just Nmap, and you should too if you want to test your network’s security. We’ll show you some tools intruders use to gather information.

Web and Mail Servers with IPv6

If you run a web server and a mail server and anticipate that users from Asia will access your system, it’s time to get it ready for IPv6.

Intruder Detection with tcpdump

Tcpdump is a general-purpose packet sniffer and incident response tool that should be in your tool shed.


Troubleshoot network problems with this popular protocol analyzer.

Using a Tablet as a Portable Management Console

Using a Tablet as a portable management console makes sense but could make you too accessible.

Visualize Your Network

Sometimes data that’s five minutes old just isn’t good enough. An abundance of network monitoring tools for SNMP makes a sys admin’s job easier by collecting and displaying a superabundance of constantly changing data.

Cross-Vendor IPsec

Any implementation of the standards-based IPsec is supposed to work with any other implementation – but sometimes you need a little extra effort. This article tests some IPsec implementations to see how well they fit.