Linux Essentials for Windows Admins – Part 1

Windows Admins have to know something about Linux, so expand your current skills to include it in your administrative toolbox.

Lua for Apache

Lua is a small, lean, and fast scripting language – ideal for working with web servers. Version 2.4 of the Apache web server is the first to offer a matching module that has a few quirks – and pitfalls, if you dig more deeply.

DBaaS – How They Make Data Scale

We go beyond the press release and beyond the tutorial to find out a little bit about what makes some of these stuff-as-a-service services go.

Greylisting with Postgrey

Defeat spam with Postgrey by greylisting and whitelisting incoming mail.

SPDY HTTP Protocol

More than 20 years have passed since its introduction, and HTTP certainly shows some signs of age. Google’s new SPDY protocol solves some problems with HTTP without breaking existing websites.

Windows Server 2012 Administration

Get Ready: Windows Server 2012, formerly known as Windows Server 8, is on its way.

Sort Out the Top from the Bottom

As sure as the sun rises each morning, you can be certain that, at some point, an admin will need to diagnose why a failing server is overloaded and being worked too hard.

Virsh Libvert Tool

With the command-line tool virsh, a part of the libvirt library, you can query virtual machines to discover their state of health, launch or shut down virtual machines, and perform other tasks – all of which can be conveniently scripted.

PowerShell Part 3: Keeping PowerShell in the Loop

PowerShell’s ability to use loops extends its reach to remote systems and performs repetitive operations.

Pen Test Tips

The powerful Metasploit framework helps you see your network as an intruder would see it. You might discover it is all too easy to get past your own defenses.

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