Tuning Your Filesystem’s Cache

Keeping your key files in RAM reduces latency and makes response time more predictable.

Cloud Forensics

Is your data really secure in the cloud? If a compromise occurs, current forensic approaches will not work and new techniques and standards will be needed.

URL Tricks with htaccess

In addition to introducing extra security measures, htaccess lets you add some fantastic features to your website without having superuser access to the main configuration files of the web server.

Win-Win with Cygwin

Windows administrators: Expand your horizons and your opportunities with Unix commands via Cygwin. Use Cygwin’s extensive list of Unix utilities for scripts, maintenance, compatibility, and automation.

Office 365 vs. Google Apps

Office 365 is Microsoft’s new, easy-to-manage cloud solution for email, tasks, and contacts, as well as real-time collaboration throughout the enterprise.

How to Hide a Malicious File

The best way to stop an attack is to think like an attacker. We’ll show you how to use the Metasploit framework to create a malicious payload that escapes antivirus detection.


ownCloud is an alternative to the many online storage services whose data protection promises could turn out to be as nebulous as their offerings.

Open Hardware 1.0

The Open Source Hardware Definition brings the ideals of open source to hardware design. The movement marked a milestone with its first major release.

Eat. Pray. Script.

Lazy … er, smart … administrators are hard at work in the background via scripts, cascading scripts, and cron jobs.

Understanding Privilege Escalation

This sample attack will show you some of the techniques intruders use to scale up their powers.

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