RHEL Climbs Higher into the Cloud

24.06.2014 14:44

Red Hat's latest release also comes with security and performance improvements.

Google Forks OpenSSL

24.06.2014 14:26

New BoringSSL project offers Internet encryption with Chrome and Android customizations.

Google Creates Extension for PGP Encryption in Webmail

10.06.2014 14:31

New tool could raise the bar for privacy in webmail systems like Gmail and Hotmail.

Linux 3.15 Released

10.06.2014 13:48

Latest kernel comes with vast improvements to power management features.

IANA Hands Out Recovered IPv4 Addresses

27.05.2014 15:04

New development signals final stages of the IPv4 end-of-life saga.

Slow Down on SPDY?

27.05.2014 14:26

An important FOSS developer calls for a reset on efforts to build Google's SPDY protocol into HTTP 2.0.

Red Hat Launches ManageIQ Cloud Community

13.05.2014 15:08

Open source tool will simplify management of OpenStack cloud environments.

New Book Alleges NSA Tampers with Routers

13.05.2014 14:44

The reporter who broke the Edward Snowden story has more revalations about the US government’s secret spying.

Red Hat Chases Containers

29.04.2014 11:47

RHEL 7 release candidate follows announcement of new Docker-based container initiatives.

Linux Foundation Announces Core Infrastructure Initiative

28.04.2014 22:56

Vendors pledge millions to help support open source projects at the heart of the Internet.