NTP Amplification Attack

03.02.2014 23:24

New attack uses vulnerable NTP servers for denial of service.

Lenovo Buys Motorola Phone Division

03.02.2014 22:34

Chinese laptop king makes a play for the mobile space.

Goodbye Iptables; Hello Nftables

21.01.2014 17:09

Linux kernel 3.13 starts the transition to a new Linux firewall system.

IBM Might Sell Small Server Business

21.01.2014 14:56

Big blue wants to jettison x86 and focus on the big stuff.

Sincerity: Put your Favorite Stack on Java

06.01.2014 22:59

Graft an entire software development stack onto the JVM with a few simple commands.

C++ Developers Want to Integrate Cairo

06.01.2014 22:04

ISO C++ committee hopes to adopt a modified version of the popular 2D graphics library.

Google Compute Engine Open for Business

10.12.2013 16:31

The search giant jumps into the IT cloud with a new service designed to compete with Amazon's AWS.

Dark Mail Reaches Crowdfunding Goal

10.12.2013 14:24

Private email project wants to implement new protocol that will prevent government spying.

Red Hat Rolls out RHEL 6.5

25.11.2013 23:37

Latest release comes with virtualization improvements and precision time.

OpenSUSE 13.1 Appears

25.11.2013 22:39

The latest chameleon sports updated apps, bug fixes, and three years of support.