Cedexis Offers New Internet Performance Reporting Tool

03.05.2012 18:19

Cedexis new data visualization interface combines quality and performance measurements with an additional service, OpenMix, enabling real-time traffic routing changes.

DataMotion Updates DataMotion Platform

26.04.2012 17:23

DataMotion announces platform for cloud-based secure data delivery.

OpenStack Releases Essex

19.04.2012 20:15

OpenStack announces the release of Essex, community-driven software that allows users to leverage pools of on-demand, self-managed computing, storage, and networking resources.

McAfee Announces Agentless MOVE AV

12.04.2012 15:53

McAfee releases a new agentless MOVE AV with real-time visibility and predictive capability enabled by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence.

Kaspersky Releases PURE 2.0 Total Security

04.04.2012 14:53

PURE 2.0 Total Security offers immediate, proactive protection from known malware, providing an array of additional security tools that includes parental controls, file backups, and more.

Teradata Announces New Data Warehouse Platform

29.03.2012 21:00

Teradata has announced the immediate availability of the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform 6690 (Teradata Active EDW), offering the newest generation of hybrid storage.

Qloudstat Analytics Service Now Available

22.03.2012 17:02

Iterate GmbH recently announced Qloudstat, a service for performing analytics of server-side access logs of cloud-hosted content.

Trend Micro Announces DirectPass

15.03.2012 18:05

DirectPass lets you manage multiple passwords and login IDs in one secure location.

Zarafa and Univention Bring Zarafa4UCS To Market

09.03.2012 20:04

Integration of Zarafa with UCS will enable connections of existing Active Directories with cloud-based Zarafa setups.

Becrypt Launches tVolution

29.02.2012 22:06

Becrypt announces the launch of tVolution, a virtual desktop offering that provides an ultra-secure way to manage a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).