Feds Start Open Data Initiative

14.05.2013 13:50

Barack Obama and the US Office of Management and Budget establish new policies to encourage access to government data.

SkySQL Merges with Makers of MariaDB

26.04.2013 15:30

The merger aims to create a more versatile open source database and enhance services to MySQL and MariaDB users.

AlienVault Virtual Appliance

19.04.2013 18:26

AlienVault releases the first AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) virtual appliance.

NetIQ Releases Change Guardian 4.0

11.04.2013 19:39

NetIQ announces the release of Change Guardian 4.0, the company’s privileged-user activity and change-monitoring solution.

Perforce Releases Commons Document Collaboration Tool

04.04.2013 17:08

Perforce Commons allows groups and businesses to collaborate and keep track of documents free, for up to 20 users.

MongoDB 2.4 Released

28.03.2013 19:52

The latest version of the doc-oriented database features improved performance and bug fixes.

Basho Riak CS Is Open Source

22.03.2013 14:02

New licensing lets users download the cloud storage system for use with public or private cloud services.

MariaDB Galera Cluster

13.03.2013 15:15

New database platform will support cloud-based environments.

Canonical Announces Mir Display Server

11.03.2013 15:18

New X replacement will run on future Ubuntu systems.

Ruby 2.0 Released

26.02.2013 21:14

Ruby developers release Ruby 2.0.0, which represents the first stable release of the language since Ruby 1.9 was released in December 2007.