HP Announces – But Doesn’t Release – New Cloud Services

03.10.2011 12:29

Select beta testers get to take the new cloud services for a spin, but most details remain under wraps.

Ack Wants To Be The Better Grep

20.09.2011 14:46

A tiny tool named Ack seeks to supersede the classic Unix command line tool Grep.

What Happens with WebOS?

02.09.2011 19:45

Just two months after it became available, HP announced in a press release it would discontinue its TouchPad tablets and smartphone devices that run webOS, the Linux-based operating system it inherited in the $1.2 billion purchase of Palm in April 2010. But what will happen to webOS, the smartphone OS that many still consider an alternative to Android and the iPhone?

Power Budgeting in the Virtual Data Center

25.08.2011 23:08

The virtualization revolution was partly driven by a need to save on energy costs, but further improvements won't happen unless system vendors give up the old paradigms for power budgeting.

Amazon Cloud Accelerated with Memcache

23.08.2011 13:30

With a new offering Amazon seeks to accelerate websites in its cloud.

SmartOS Weds Open Solaris to Linux KVM Virtualization

17.08.2011 13:12

Joyent releases the SmartOS operating system, that brings together Open Solaris and Linux KVM.

Drizzle Database Supports ZeroMQ Messaging

17.08.2011 12:48

With its latest release the MySQL fork Drizzle supports messaging through the ZeroMQ broker.

Podcast: What's the Current State of Btrfs?

10.08.2011 09:56

Chris Mason, head of the Linux kernel team at Oracle, talks about the currrent state of the Btrfs filesystem.

Sendmail Analyzer Handles Millions of Emails a Day

10.08.2011 08:13

The latest version of the Sendmail logfile analyzer can handle higher volumes of data and Postfix logs.

HTTP Sniffer Httpry Can Now Parse IPv6

10.08.2011 07:40

In version 0.1.6 Httpry has acquired the ability to analyze IPv6 data.