Shinken Monitoring 0.6 Introduces Autodetection

12.05.2011 08:56

The latest version 0.6 of the Shinken monitoring system introduces several new features.

Open Nebula 2.2 Includes GUI for Cloud Management

01.04.2011 07:29

The Open Nebula framework for management of clouds and virtualization environments includes a web based GUI in its latest version.

XWiki 3.0 Includes Twitter-like Messaging

01.04.2011 07:20

The XWiki development team announced the availability of XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager 3.0.

Better Crash Recovery with Journaling in MongoDB

18.03.2011 10:57

The latest version of MongoDB integrates journaling to better cope with crashes.

New Kernel Report from the Linux Foundation

02.12.2010 16:23

The new report "Who Writes Linux" informs about programmers and companies working on the Linux kernel.

Latest version of OTRS helpdesk brushes up GUI

16.11.2010 08:24

Version 3.0 of the OTRS trouble ticketing and helpdesk system is out.

New Book on "Modern Perl", also as a Free Ebook

16.11.2010 08:05

A new book seeks to revive the almost-forgotten scripting language.

Microsoft Patches The ASP.Net Security Vulnerability

29.09.2010 13:25

The software vendor does not wait for the next Patch Day, but immediately fixes the recently discovered error.

Caché Database Now Offers High Availibility

28.09.2010 14:07

The commercial database system Caché has made itself highly available due to its new version including mirroring.

A Security Vulnerability in ASP.Net Allows Data Theft

23.09.2010 08:42

Attackers can obtain administrator rights and read protected files.