Latest Virtualbox Release 4.1.0 Can Clone VMs

20.07.2011 07:16

The latest version of Oracle's Virtualbox brings a set of new features.

Third Release Candidate Of OrientDB Speeds Up

19.07.2011 15:48

NoSQL database OrientDB claims to create 150.000 document records per second.

Scala Programming Language Ported to .Net

19.07.2011 15:37

A new port brings the Scala programming language to the .Net platform.

Wordpress 3.2 Faster and Lighter

05.07.2011 10:46

The popular blog software loses some weight.

LinuxCon Europe CFP Ends July 8

04.07.2011 14:00

The Linux Foundation's first LinuxCon Europe, co-located with the Kernel Summit, will be held October 26-28 in Prague, Czech Republic. LinuxCon Europe and the Embedded Linux Conference call for participation ends next week.

RHEL 6.1 Rolls Out

23.05.2011 09:18

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 boasts enhancements, patches, and security updates.

Zarafa And Mandriva Team Up On Groupware

12.05.2011 09:06

Both companies collaborate on providing groupware services for Linux and Windows networks.

Shinken Monitoring 0.6 Introduces Autodetection

12.05.2011 08:56

The latest version 0.6 of the Shinken monitoring system introduces several new features.

Open Nebula 2.2 Includes GUI for Cloud Management

01.04.2011 07:29

The Open Nebula framework for management of clouds and virtualization environments includes a web based GUI in its latest version.

XWiki 3.0 Includes Twitter-like Messaging

01.04.2011 07:20

The XWiki development team announced the availability of XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager 3.0.