Router distribution Vyatta is now certified for IPv6

26.08.2010 13:43

The new version 6.1 of the router distribution Vyatta not only offers more security, but also IPv6 support.

Penetration Testing DVD Backtrack Version 4 R1 Released

11.08.2010 14:12

Backtrack, a free Live DVD with tools for penetration testing, is now available as version 4 R1.

New Beta of Opennode Virtualization

10.08.2010 12:14

The Opennode software combines KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and OpenVZ technology in virtualization.

Videos of Debconf 2010 online

09.08.2010 14:30

Shortly after the end of the Debian conference, Debconf 10 in New York, videos of it are already online.

New syslog implementation Graylog2 stores in MongoDB

09.08.2010 14:01

A new Unix Syslog implementation gathers log information and stores them in a NoSQL database.

Microsoft Resolves Critical Link Vulnerability

04.08.2010 14:38

Security updates for Windows operating systems close the critical vulnerability in the Windows Shell.

Archiving Email

02.08.2010 19:37

Email archiving involves more than just backing up your email directories. It is also a question of classifying
the email and making it easier for users to find their way around overfilled email folders.

PowerShell for AD

02.08.2010 16:32

Professionally manage Active Directory users, groups, and other AD objects with Windows PowerShell Version 2.0.