Drizzle Database Supports ZeroMQ Messaging

17.08.2011 12:48

With its latest release the MySQL fork Drizzle supports messaging through the ZeroMQ broker.

Podcast: What's the Current State of Btrfs?

10.08.2011 09:56

Chris Mason, head of the Linux kernel team at Oracle, talks about the currrent state of the Btrfs filesystem.

Sendmail Analyzer Handles Millions of Emails a Day

10.08.2011 08:13

The latest version of the Sendmail logfile analyzer can handle higher volumes of data and Postfix logs.

HTTP Sniffer Httpry Can Now Parse IPv6

10.08.2011 07:40

In version 0.1.6 Httpry has acquired the ability to analyze IPv6 data.

EFF Releases HTTPS Everyhwere Firefox Plugin

05.08.2011 09:43

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released the HTTPS Everywhere plugin to increase security on the web.

Microsoft Announces "BlueHat" Prize for Better Security Solutions

05.08.2011 09:25

Microsoft is offering a total of more than $250,000 in cash for innovative ways to defend computer systems against online attacks.

DRBD Management Console Can Now Handle LVM Volumes

05.08.2011 09:13

With the latest release of the DRBD management console administrators can manage logical volumes, too.

Nexentastor 3.1 Gets Faster

02.08.2011 09:45

The latest version of Nexentastor accelerates iSCSI among other improvements.

Facebook Moves Data Center: How to Migrate 30 PB of Stored Data

02.08.2011 09:07

When Facebook moved their servers to a new data center they had to migrate 30 PB of data.

JDK 7 Released

29.07.2011 12:10

The latest Java Development Kit 7 ships with a bunch of new features.